Friday, 13 April 2012

Update on the Turnigy 9XR

From HK:

- The 9XR has a pin-out in the battery compartment for easier custom firmware flashing without needing to open the case.
- It will use the atmega chip and can be flashed with your existing customised software. In fact, it comes standard with a similar rom to ER9x. 
- Backlit screen
- Has inbuilt and module based antenna system
- Spare parts available
- Improved switch and pot quality
- The 9XR will be $50.00
- We're working with Frsky on a module for the 9XR


  1. Can you share source of this information? Some links perhaps?

  2. Info is from Hobbyking. Sourced from Hobbyking posts on forums and HK twitter.
    The prior post has links to the tweets.

  3. Can't wait. the threads are going crazy about this.