Sunday, 18 March 2012

FrSky telemetry DHT-U

Frsky recently released the DHT-U, an all-in-one universal telemetry module for module-based radios. It has a built-in DHT Tx module and telemetry display which can be clamped to the transmitter handle. Real time in-flight data such as Rx voltage and signal strength can be shown by default. With the addition of sensors and the telemetry hub, data such as Battery voltage, cell voltage, temperature, nitro fuel levels, GPS data, speed, altitude, rpm and current draw can be viewed. One nice feature is the ability to set the fail-safe while in flight rather than estimating where the control surfaces should move to in case of signal loss - so for example you can steer the model into a gentle power off left-hand gliding turn, and 'set' this actual flight position as failsafe.

Soldering three wires (PPM, +ve and ground) internally in the transmitter is required but installation is fairly simple, as shown in this video. Considering the unit is sold for only $55 I think this is quite acceptable.

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