Thursday, 29 March 2012

Review: JR DSX11

I had a chance to try out a friends JR 11X 2.4 today and was very impressed. It comes with just about everything you would expect in a high end radio, like a very extensive list of programming options, 30-model memory, a big hi res, backlit, grayscale display and an eye-catching case.
The 11X was also surprisingly easy to use for an advanced radio. Accessing functions and programming settings is simple with the intuitive roller button interface and big LCD screen. It also has an SD card slot for model storage, memory expansion and software updates. 
It uses Spektrum 2.4GHz technology. As well as the manufacturer Rx's, there is also a range of compatible 6 to 9ch OrangeRX DSM2 comapaible receivers available for between $6 and $25 for those on a budget.
It is very comfortable with excellent moulded hand grips, and the location of the two sliders on the back of the radio are placed so you don't need to take your thumbs (or fingers) off the sticks. Even the sticks themselves are ergonomically angled slightly outwards, which makes the unit even more comfortable to hold and did not require me to shift my grip to reach any position. I might even consider using one of these over my Turnigy 9x! The FrSky JR module would also be an easy addition if you prefer this protocol to DSM.

  • Ultra-smooth, dual bearing stick assemblies
  • 2048 resolution
  • AutoAssign™ switch selection
  • Programming for planes, helis and gliders
  • Fastest-response processor, for an unprecedented connection with your model
  • All 11 channels function at identical speed and resolution
  • Backlit, high resolution, 4 gray-scale display for optimum clarity in all light conditions
  • Easy access, back-mounted levers
  • RF status light; Blue—RF on, Red—RF off, Green—warning
  • SD card slot for expanded memory and future software updates
  • 30-model memory expandable with SD Card slot
  • 3+1 Digital/Analog Trims
  • Rolling selector for data input

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